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Yesterday I added three more experts to the Furniture Repair Directory on, two in Seatweaving category and one in the Wicker Repair category.

Peeta Tinay of Tinay Studio, is the Wicker Repair expert from Tacoma, Washington. She sent me some photos of her work on a Bar Harbor reed wicker chair with a close woven spline seat that is to die for, excellent craftsmanship! Beautiful arm rosette woven in the corn dollie method, too.

The new Seatweavers are Mary Miller from Montrose, Colorado, who was taught how to weave 20 years ago by her grandfather and has a home-based business, and Jodi Sokso from Morgantown, PA. Jodi from Alustain Seats, is presently employeed by a furniture refinisher doing all their seatweaving and more!

If you are in need of repairs to your chair seats, wicker furniture, stripping and refinishing, or upholstery, visit my Furniture Repair Directory today!

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