How-to Weaving Basics : Chair Caning, Wicker, Rush

Enjoy all these how-to weaving basics on chair caning, wicker, rush and more, written lovingly by Cathryn Peters, especially for your enjoyment!

chair seat weaving articles


Chair Seat Weaving Basics

1.) Chair Caning #101
Learn a little bit about the history of Chair Caning, the art and craft of this weaving technique and even how to identify and repair.

2.) Cries of the 1800s Chair Mender
Here’s a glimpse of chair caning told through a children’s nursery rhyme and a 1800s magazine article about the service of chair seat weaving and mending.

3.) How-to Identify Woven Chair Seats
How-to article showing and describing the variety of woven chair seats, from different designs and patterns to materials used for weaving.

4.) How-to Chair Caning Instructions
How-to article and tip sheet on the 7-step method of traditional hole-to-hole chair caning instruction, also sometimes called lace cane.

5.) How-to Remove Cane Webbing
How-to article and tip sheet on removing stubborn chair reed spline from the groove and removing the cane webbing, prior to replacing the new seat cane webbing.

6.) How-to Install Chair Cane Webbing
How-to article and tip sheet on the steps necessary to install chair cane webbing, sheet cane or machine woven cane.

7.) How-to Care for Your Cane Seat Furniture
How-to article and tip sheet on caring for furniture with cane seats, how to keep them in great shape!

8.) Seatweaving #101
Overview of a variety of seat weaving techniques including chair caning, rush, splint, Danish cord and more!

9.) Seatweaving FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Chair Seat Weaving of all types, with answers to these pressing questions from The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters.

Wicker Furniture Articles


Wicker Furniture Basics

1.) Antique Wicker Furniture #101
Antique wicker furniture history, repair, tips and hints to help you understand this wonderful furniture design period.

2.) Wicker Furniture FAQ
Viewer questions on a variety of wicker topics of interest with answers and solutions provided by wicker expert, Cathryn Peters.

3.) How-to Care for Antique Wicker Furniture
How-to article and tip sheet on caring for your antique wicker furniture the best way possible.

4.) Materials Used in Creating Antique Wicker Furniture
What materials were used in making the Victorian, Art Deco, and Stick Wicker Furniture?

5.) How-to Repair a Child’s Victorian Wicker Rocker
Step by step how-to article and tip sheet on restoring a child’s Victorian wicker rocker, complete with step-by-step photos of the process.

6.) How-to Paint Wicker Furniture
Always wanted to know what the steps are for painting your wicker furniture? Everything is explained here, so you’ll feel like a pro!

7.) Wicker Repair Process Slideshow
Watch the slideshow to see how 1890s wicker furniture gets a new lease on its already long life! Repairs and restoration to wicker pieces by The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters.

Articles on Wicker and Chair Caning Materials


Wicker and Chair Caning Materials

1.) What Are Cane & Reed?
History and descriptions of exactly what the differences are between these chair cane and rattan reed and how they are used in the construction of wicker furniture  and basketry.

2.) What Is Paper Fibre Rush or Paper Wicker?
Description of man-made paper fibre rush and comparison between it and rattan reed, used in the production of wicker furniture and chair seat weaving.

3.) How-to Gather Cattail Leaves
How-to article and tip sheet on the description and gathering of cattail leaves for use in primarily rush seatweaving projects and basketry.

4.) How-to Process & Weave with Cattail Leaves
How-to article and tip sheet on the processing of and weaving with cattail leaves for use in seatweaving and basketweaving projects.

Basket care, patterns and antler basket articles


Basket Weaving Basics

1.) How-to Care for Wicker Baskets
How-to article and tip sheet on caring for your wicker baskets in your collection.

2.) Handwoven Antler Baskets
Original design, contemporary, one-of-a-kind (OOOK) antler basket sculptures, functional antler baskets and art wall pieces by Wisconsin (formerly Minnesota) antler basketmaker, Cathryn Peters.

3.) Antler Basket Patterns
Weave your very own antler basket with help from pattern author Cathryn Peters. Choose from over 15 antler basket patterns to purchase and get your weaving started!

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