Antler Basket Sculptures by WI Artist Cathryn Peters

Antler Baskets Proudly American Made

Asian Warrior Antler Wall Basket-Sculpture
“Asian Emperor Warrior”
Antler Basket Wall Sculpture
"Yin-Yang II" Antler Basket Wall Sculpture
“Yin-Yang II” Antler Basket Wall Sculpture

Award-winning, original design antler baskets, contemporary free-form sculptures and antler wall art are handwoven by Wisconsin basketmaker artist, Cathryn Peters.

Creating one-of-a-kind (OOAK), original design antler baskets, antler art sculptures, and antler basket wall art has been a passion of Cathryn’s since 1990. Her rib-style contemporary antler basket pieces are a decorator’s dream and a collector’s prize possession, perfect for home or gifts in any setting.

Each creation is lovingly woven to be distinctly unique and different from any others. Calling on her years of weaving and innate sense of shape, color combinations, and texture, Cathryn works with the male antler and the female vessel form blending them into one.

Woven Basket Scupltures Just for You!

Cathryn Peters antler basketmaker
antler wall basket bitter-sweet peters 1990
Antler Basket Wall Sculpture

We’re sure you’ll agree these antler basket art pieces are a perfect fit for any decor, adaptable to either a rustic cabin, contemporary home, or corporate office as the perfect decorating accessory or gift.

Commission and custom pieces are always welcome, arranged by email.

Cathryn’s natural, organic woven antler art has been featured in The Crafts Report, Basket Bits, and Basketmaker magazines as well as the 1999 reprint edition of Splint Woven Basketry by Robin Taylor Daugherty. Her baskets are also in many private collections, regional and national galleries and exhibitions.

Click here for Cathryn’s artist statement about her passion for antler basketweaving and here to read her resume.

Antler Basket Weaving Process

Antler Basket Primal Trappings Peters
“Primal Trappings”
Antler Basket Sculpture
“Antler Hunter’s Cornucopia” Basket Sculpture

A variety of naturally shed and harvested deer, moose, reindeer and elk antlers are used in each one of Cathryn’s antler basket sculptures. The antler is an integral component, becoming either the handle or focal point of all of her creations. Each antler tells its story and “speaks” to her, suggesting the form it wants to take.

Sustainable materials such as cattail leaves, sweetgrass, birch bark, wild willow, diamond willow, willow bark, lichen, moss, pine cones, tamarack branches and cones, and red osier dogwood are gathered respectfully by Cathryn and incorporated into her baskets along with commercially processed imported rattan reed.

Handwoven Original Design Antler Baskets by Commission or Purchase

Double Antler Tray-Peters
“Forest Green Double Antler Tray”
“Marshland Antler Melon Basket”

And if you’d like to place an order for a custom-designed antler basket to fit your home or office, just visit the Antler Basket Commissions page for great ideas and ordering information. Questions about your antler basket order? Use the drop-down menu on Contact Us!

Touch of Arizona Antler Basket by Peters

Want to weave your own antler baskets? Are you a DIY type basketweaver up for a challenge? Purchase Cathryn’s antler basket patterns for the help you need to start creating!

Or do you want/need antler basket instruction? Take one of Cathryn’s Classes or schedule an individual one-on-one private class.

We’re delighted you stopped for a visit on the antler basket page of! Come back again soon to see the variety of new antler basket art sculptures woven by Wisconsin (formerly Minnesota) antler basketmaker, Cathryn Peters.

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