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Are you looking for:

  • Practical solutions to help manage your seat weaving business and generate more income
  • Want to brush up on or learn new basket weaving or chair caning skills
  • Are looking for a furniture repair pro to fix your heirloom or flea market find
  • Or simply want to expand your knowledge on these related topics

Welcome to my website! I’m Cathryn Peters, a home-based business owner, blogger, mentor and weaving educator here on WickerWoman.com.

Since 1999 we’ve provided resources, services, education & encouragement for chair caners, wicker fixers, basketmakers & DIY creatives.

You are in exactly the right place. I cover all of that and so much MORE…My site has grown a lot in 20 years, so there’s a ton of information and resources to wade through. I do hope you will enjoy your visit and find plenty of value in the resources provided here.

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Let’s dive in and I’ll give you a quick tour. Clicking on one of the images below will take you to some of the most popular and well-loved pages. When you click one of those images, you will be brought to a category-specific page.

These pages are the best place to start if you’ve never heard of me before and want to get a feel for what I write about. And remember to also visit the Blog tab at the top of every page for category-specific blog posts!

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