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The Wicker Woman--Cathryn Peters Hi there,

Welcome to my website! I’m Cathryn Peters, a home-based business owner, blogger, mentor and weaving educator here on

Since 1999 we’ve provided resources, services, education & encouragement for chair caners, wicker fixers, basketmakers & DIY creatives.

Whether you need:

  •  Practical solutions to help manage your seat weaving business and generate more income
  • Want to brush up on or learn new basket weaving or chair caning skills
  • Are looking for a furniture repair pro to fix your heirloom or flea market find
  • Or simply want to expand your knowledge on these related topics

You are in exactly the right place. I cover all of that and so much MORE…

My site has grown a lot in 20 years, so there’s a ton of information and resources to wade through. I do hope you will enjoy your visit and find plenty of value in the resources provided here.

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Let’s dive in and I’ll give you a quick tour. Clicking on one of the images below will take you to some of the most popular and well-loved pages. When you click one of those images, you will be brought to a category-specific page. 

These pages are the best place to start if you’ve never heard of me before and want to get a feel for what I write about. And remember to also visit the Blog tab at the top of every page for category-specific blog posts!

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Cathryn's how-to articles, hints and tips, and videos on wicker, caning and basketry

Articles--Chair Caning, Wicker, Baskets

Learn about the wicker furniture industry, seat weaving and basketry from Cathryn’s articles, hints, tips, FAQs and videos.
Cathryn's how-to articles, hints and tips, and videos on wicker, caning and basketry

Seatingweaving FAQ

Cathryn’s gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about chair caning and other seatweaving techniques.
Cathryn's how-to articles, hints and tips, and videos on wicker, caning and basketry

Wicker FAQ

Cathryn shares her knowledge by answering the most common questions about wicker that she’s received in the wicker restoration business.
Instructor Cathryn Peters helps students learn the basics of chair caning as well as more advanced seat weaving techniques

Weaving Classes

See Cathryn’s schedule of antler basket classes, chair caning classes and gallery exhibitions.
Certified antique wicker furniture appraiser, Richard Saunders, will establish value and maker for your precious family heirlooms, and flea market or curbside finds.

What's It Worth? Wicker Appraisals

Get wicker furniture appraisals from certified appraiser, Richard Saunders, since Cathryn does not make appraisals.

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