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Star motif Victorian wicker

WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM–Today we have a wonderful guest author here on the Weavin’ Wicker Woman blog. Richard Saunders is a man who hardly needs an introduction since he’s already so well known in the antique […]

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Wicker Furniture Guide Book-Saunders

Wicker furniture author and appraiser, Richard Saunders is offering for sale, brand new copies of WICKER FURNITURE: A GUIDE TO RESTORING AND COLLECTING (Crown Publishers; 1990) until his supply runs out. This is a 245-page,

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WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM I bet this blog post’s title really surprised you, didn’t it? Well, yes, English willow coffin-making is taking place and being woven over “across the pond” in England and has been for

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  WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM–Wonderful Wicker by Bonnie Gale Wow! Try reading and saying that title quickly three times in a row, bet ‘cha can’t do it! Bonnie Gale is a willow basketmaker, instructor and grower

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