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Advertise your chair cane and basket weaving supplies company here on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™ on for maximum advertising exposure at a minimal cost!

How can we help your cane & basket weaving supplies business?

  • Reach customers when they are searching for raw materials, tools, and other products you offer
  • Drive quality traffic to boost sales at your weaving supply website
  • Successfully promote your cane & basket supplies products
  • Get connected to a broader customer base to expand your network
  • Extremely affordable and easy to use the annual ad payment method
  • Reliable business ad listings, catering to weaving suppliers since 2004

What comes with my ad in the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™?

Paid Ads receive preferential “Above the Fold” rotating placement status, plus these bonus offers:

  • Directory Homepage photo of your website logo and expanded text of up to 100 words
  • Frequent mention of your business in my 2,500 subscriber newsletter, Wicker Woman’s Weavings

How do I place my supply ad?

#1 — Make your initial annual payment or annual renewal of $100 for your Cane & Basket Supplies ad using your choice of payment methods through PayPal.

You can use either your credit card, debit card, bank account, money order or PayPal account and don’t have to be a PayPal member.

Use the PayPal Pay Now button below to pay for your first annual ad, or to renew your present ad at $100.00

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After both your ad text and payment has been received, your ad will be posted to the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™ page.

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    Thank you for advertising on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™, we appreciate your business! where we work hardest for YOU, always delivering the best bang for your advertising bucks!


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