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Need a little bit of help with your weaving? Watch these how-to videos by Cathryn Peters showing chair caning tips, directions for harvesting cattails and bulrush seat weaving projects, and harvesting birch barks.

Chair Caning Tips of the Day Playlist

Here’s a selection of Chair Caning Tips of the Day, for short, direct hints and tips that will help you master your chair caning weaving techniques. (Twelve in this playlist)

Natural Hand-twisted Rush Playlist

These videos show how to harvest and process cattail leaves for seat weaving. And also demonstrate how to weave hand-twisted cattail and bulrush chair seats. (Five in this playlist)

Birch Bark Wood Pile Harvesting Playlist

Join me as I harvest some birch bark from the firewood in my yard. I make tiny necklace baskets and small plaited baskets with this bark, so don’t need to get big sheets of bark. (Four in this playlist)

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4 thoughts on “How-to Videos by TheWickerWoman”

  1. I am an artists a chair caner and I am trying to obtain information in recaning a danish chair. I need help and would gladly appreciate your assistance and time. Thank you and have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Bernie,

      Sorry you are having problems tackling that Danish modern chair, are you sure it’s a “cane” seat woven on it or is it rather a “cord” seat? The reason I ask is that most of them were woven with Danish modern cord in either the laced or unlaced material.

      As yet I don’t have any pages on my website nor videos explaining how to do the weaving so in the meantime you can go to my Amazon Store and make your purchase of chair seat weaving books that have the instructions in them. I recommend “The Craft of Chair Seat Weaving” by George Sterns, “Chair Seating” by Johnson, Barratt and Butcher, and “The Caner’s Handbook” by Jim Widess.

      There are several pamphlets available too on weaving Danish Cord Seats that you can get from the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory when you order your materials.

      And/or you can go to my Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum and do a Search on Danish cord weaving and you will come up with tons of posts that are bound to help you out.

      Good luck on the project and be sure to keep us posted as to how things turn out for you!

  2. Hi Cathryn,

    Really enjoyed checking out your website and learning about your work. I found it through my search to purchase a skep for my garden — I’ve a hideous cablevision box (15″ high X 8″wide) I need to cover. Do you sell skeps or can you suggest someone who does.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for stopping by my website and taking the time to leave a comment about the bee skeps. I do sell my skeps, but don’t have them listed on my website yet. You do realize that most of the skeps are conical don’t you? But I do make ones that are a bit more flat at the top rather than coming to a point and could probably accommodate your cable box.

      However, the skeps are made out of straw, which sheds a bit and the cable box probably needs good air circulation around it, doesn’t it? So would putting a straw skep over an electrical appliance like that be a good idea? How about you send me some pictures and we can talk further by email? Send the photos to me at: [email protected]

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