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Tutorials–Help for Your DIY Weaving Projects

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Need a little help with your DIY weaving projects? Here are some weaving tutorials on chair caning, wicker furniture repair, natural cattail rush and other types of chair seat weaving techniques I’ve put together just for you! Enjoy!

Chair Caning Tutorials

How-to Chair Caning Instructions
How-to article and tip sheet on the 7-step method of traditional hole-to-hole chair caning instruction, also sometimes called lace cane.

How-to Remove Cane Webbing
How-to article and tip sheet on removing stubborn chair reed spline from the groove and removing the cane webbing, prior to replacing the new seat cane webbing.

How-to Install Chair Cane Webbing
How-to article and tip sheet on the steps necessary to install chair cane webbing, sheet cane or machine woven cane.

Wicker Repair Tutorials

How-to Repair a Child’s Victorian Wicker Rocker 
Step by step how-to tutorial and tip sheet on restoring a child’s Victorian wicker rocker, complete with step-by-step photos of the process.

Wicker Repair Process Slideshow
Watch the slideshow to see how 1890s wicker furniture gets a new lease on its already long life!

Working with Cattails Tutorial

How-to Gather Cattail Leaves
How-to tutorial and tip sheet on the description and gathering of cattail leaves for use in primarily rush seatweaving projects and basketry.

How-to Process & Weave with Cattail Leaves
How-to tutorial and tip sheet on the processing of and weaving with cattail leaves for eventual use in seatweaving and basketweaving projects.

How-to Weaving Videos

How-to Weaving Videos
How-to weaving videos featuring chair caning tips, natural rush seats, working with cattail leaves and birch bark and antler basketry.
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Hi there! Ready to expand your knowledge and learn about chair caning, wicker repair, and basketry, so you can DIY it all or go into business yourself? Need supplies for that DIY weaving project, or you need a repair pro to give your furniture some TLC? Then you are in the right spot and I'm here to help!

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