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Wicker Repair Process Slideshow

© 2011 by Cathryn Peters

On this page of we will from time to time, run a slideshow and photos showing various steps and techniques used in the wicker repair process and restoration of antique wicker furniture.

During this slideshow we see a Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company (1897-1921) wicker sewing cabinet in need of some pretty extensive restoration.



Luckily this Victorian wicker sewing cabinet was still in its original condition of stain and varnish, making it more valuable than one that had been painted over its original finish. So after the repairs were made the newly added reed pieces were stained and varnished to match the original color.

Heywood-Wakefield Sewing Cabinet

Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Sewing Cabinet

The reed wicker on bottom shelf was completely destroyed and needed to be rewoven. To begin the restoration a new wooden top needed to be made and installed. Then I wove a new wicker braid and also wove the wicker sheeting and applied them to the top.

The wicker braid was hand-woven using #3 round reed and the sheeting was handwoven also using individual 1/4″ flat-rattan reed weavers.

And to complete the wicker repair and restoration process, the entire piece was stained to match and varnished. Now the piece is fully serviceable and able to be enjoyed for many years to come!

If you have already painted wicker or wicker that is not a valuable antique piece and you want to paint it, please read my article, “How-to Paint Wicker Furniture.” for hints and tips!

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Be sure to see the Wicker Repair Experts–National Furniture Repair Directory™ to locate a restoration expert if your antique wicker furniture needs some TLC.

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