Locating a Chair Caning Teacher

Wish you could find a chair caning teacher? Since I’m frequently asked about locating a chair caning teacher or any other type of chair seat weaving instructor for that matter, I thought that would make a helpful blog post. So here goes…

North House Chair Caning Class

Although I have already addressed this question of locating a chair caning teacher on the SeatWeaving FAQ page; it’s the very first Q & A, we can go into more depth here on this post.

Search on the Internet

With the invention of the Internet, searching for a chair caning teacher has become very easy and quick when you compare to the “olden days,” before we had the world at our fingertips!

When you search online for someone to teach you how to cane, you will come up with several chair caning instructors to choose from.

There are some excellent chair caning instructions online on websites such as my own, WickerWoman.com and Wayne Sharp’s chair caning site.

You can also check my annual teaching schedule at Cathryn’s Chair Caning & Basket Classes.

TSWG board members
TSWG 2015-16 Board Members

Weaving Organizations

Then too, check The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.® (TSWG) website under the Member Teacher page. The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.®(TSWG) has several guild members all across the country, that besides repairing and replacing seating, are also excellent instructors. Some chair caning teachers offer classes in their studios, some teach at folk schools and some teach through basket guilds, conventions or community education classes.

You can also check on my Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum–The Caner’s Community Hub™, where several members teach private and classroom setting caning classes. Just post the question or do a Search through the posts, first.


Basket Guild Workshops & Conventions

Check with the basket guilds across the country to see if anyone is offering a chair caning class at the conferences and workshops. http://www.WickerWoman.com/links/basket-guilds

apply binder cord caning

Youtube Chair Caning Instruction Videos

Youtube also has many good videos on chair caning and other types of chair seat weaving, from a number of different teachers and hobbiests. I have made several chair caning instructional videos, also a special series called, “Chair Caning Tips” on my channel. http://www.youtube.com/thewickerwoman and on my website athttp://www.WickerWoman.com/how-to-videos

Yellow Pages, Newspapers & Word of Mouth

Then of course, there’s the old-fashioned way of checking with your local community education board, local college, bulletin boards around town, newspaper ads, and checking the phone book (if you still get one). Asking your friends and neighbors is also a good way to find someone reliable.

Let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed any of the ways you use for locating a chair caning teacher! And be sure to Share this information with your friends. Now get your chair caning on!

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