Need your cane seat rewoven? Chair caning repair help here!

cane seat broken at rail

If your cane seat chair seats are falling apart and you need to get them rewoven, check out the four new additions to the National Furniture Repair Directory™ here on


Chair Caning Repair Businesses to the Rescue for 2014!

broken cane seats

Live in Alabama and need chair caning repair? Check out Jarad and Gwen Chafin’s Chair Caning & Seat Weaving in Arab, AL.

And in Maryland there’s a trio of sisters that are doing an excellent job in their chair caning repair business! Graham Clan Chair Caning in Ijamsville, MD.


Well, I hope this gets your year off to a good start if you’ve been searching for someone locally to repair your chair caning furniture or even seats woven with paper rush, splint or Shaker tape.

Give these chair caning repair experts a call and set up your appointment so you can use that old broke-down furniture again!

Remember to repair, reuse, repurpose, and recycle in 2014 instead of taking your chairs and rockers to the dump. Give those treasured pieces the LOVE they deserve!

baby chair caning
My granddaughter, Lily, lending Nana a hand with her chair caning!

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10 thoughts on “Need your cane seat rewoven? Chair caning repair help here!”

  1. I have a bentwood rocker the cane seat needs replacing. I need someone to fix it. I live in Richfield, Ohio is there someone near me that can fix my beloved chair.

    1. Hello there Ron,

      Yes, all the repair folks on my National Furniture Repair Directory™ repair or rather replace cane-backed chairs. But it looks to me from your email address that you are located in the UK. My FRD only features repair experts from the United States and Canada. If you’d take a look at my Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™, at the bottom of the page there are several seat weaving repair pros listed that live in the UK. Contact one of them for your chair caning needs and tell whomever you contact that The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters referred them to you. Thanks! Hope this helped!

  2. I would like to replace my wicker seat. buttons are included that go through the seat to match the back. I want someone to be able to fix it for me. I am disabled.
    I live in St. Petersburg FL 33710.

    1. Hi Linda,

      As stated in the blog post, go to my National Furniture Repair Directory™ and search both the Chair Caning and Wicker categories for someone in Florida to repair your wicker. We have several experts located in Florida, so I’m sure you can locate someone to help out. Thanks for visiting my site and be sure to see all the helpful hints and tips on caring for your wicker and cane furniture on the Articles tab at the top of every page.

    1. Carol,

      I’m not sure what you mean here, but if you are looking for sheet cane, cane webbing or machine woven cane, you can go to my Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ and make your purchase from any of the businesses listed there. If you have any questions, just email them or give them a call. If you need to match patterns, just mail in a sample of what you need or take a close-up photo with a quarter on it so they can see size and
      scale. Happy to help!

    2. Carol,

      Are you asking whether or not I sell sheet cane or cane webbing that comes in a roll? The answer is that I am not in the retail business of selling supplies. I leave that up to the folks that have made it their sole business. You can purchase from over 30 companies on my Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ or click on the SHOP tab at the top of any page to get to the Supplies Directory. Sorry you missed the Directory but glad to point you in the right direction.

  3. My interest is in rush. My two antique straight back chairs were beautifully don in Durham, NC nearly forty years ago. I would like to try doing it myself this time. Please advise.

    Jean Steele

    1. Hi Jean,

      There are several online paper rush weaving instructions (mine will be up shortly on my site), and you can also get the instructions from a number of reference books. But until you either buy the books or check them out from your library, I’d suggest you take a look at the excellent Youtube videos by my cane and basket friends at Peerless Rattan, Ed and Cindy Hammond.

      Check my Seatweaving #101 page for some of my recommendations of chair seat weaving books that should be stocked in your personal reference library, especially if you are to go into this vocation. They are invaluable, I’d be lost without my seat weaving reference books to refer back to every so often.

      Happy Weaving and let me know how it goes, send pictures! Info at

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