Is all chair seat weaving called “caning”?

Are you confused about what type of woven chair seat you have? Is all seat weaving called, “caning”? Help is on the way!

chair caning on curved back
Hand woven chair caning

The resounding technical answer to that question is, “No” all chair seat weaving is not called, “caning.” There are numerous types of weaving techniques and materials that make up chair seat weaving.

Sheet cane or cane webbing seat

All chair caning weaving techniques go by certain names, although most everyone lumps them all together, calling it “caning,” when what they really mean is “chair seat weaving”.

paper rush seat corners
Paper rush seat in process

Check here if you need help to identify woven chair seat patterns on your chairs.

checkerboard seagrass footstool
Checkerboard Seagrass Footstool

After reading this post and the article on “How-to Identify Woven Chair Seat Patterns”, you’ll be able to tell your chair seating repair person exactly what type of chair seat you have. No more guessing and confusion!

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