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Do your cane or rush chair seats look like these poor puppies below? Are they so broken and torn up you can’t use them?

Have you been trying to locate chair caning repair experts or chair caning specialists near you to fix your broken chair seats?

Tired of running around all creation looking like a chicken with your head cut off?

Broken spline cane webbing
Broken cane webbing seat


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Well, you are in luck now! You can stop that frantic searching and have your answers right here in one spot.

You’ll find hundreds of chair caning specialists and experts listed here on the most comprehensive furniture repair resource.

In the Chair Caning Category–National Furniture Repair Directory™.

Need some chair caning repair pros in California?

Those of you living in California, have the largest concentration of chair caning repair specialists available,

with nine businesses listed in the Furniture Repair Directory™-California.


Florida has a lot of chair caners to give your pieces some TLC.

The State of Florida is second runner up with eight chair caning repair specialists listed in the Furniture Repair Directory™-Florida.

Some chair caners also “do” wicker furniture repair too. So  call your state chair caning expert to bring pieces like this stick wicker below, back to life.

Star of David Chair Caning
Fancy weave–Star of David cane pattern in Victorian wicker rocker

New York and Ohio have chair caning experts tie on Directory

It’s no wonder that New York has a lot of chair caners and seatweavers out there, since that’s primarily where all this wicker and cane furniture was invented and became an American industry.

And the State of Ohio was where we all banded together and formed the first and only chair caning guild in North America.

We held the first organizational meeting of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.® with about 20 people in attendance on July 25, 2007 in Nelsonville, OH.

So because our original meeting and several thereafter were held in Ohio, we amassed quite a following of caners from there and are still going strong today.

New York and Ohio tie for third with seven chair caning repair specialists businesses listed in the National Furniture Repair Directory™.

Color matching stain on cane seat
Color stain matching new cane seat to rest of set.

National Furniture Repair Directory™ — Four Furniture Repair Categories

Be sure to check out all the sections of the National Furniture Repair Directory™ for not only the chair caning experts, but wicker repair experts, furniture refinishing and restoration, and upholstery experts, too.

There are tons more chair caning repair specialists businesses listed too, many of which offer stain matching, pick-up and delivery, classes, materials, regluing, and/or furniture refinishing.

Many of these businesses excel in all facets of the repair, repurpose, refinishing, and restoration fields, so give them a call today!

See how they can make your life easier, no need to worry about and be ashamed of your tattered, saggy, baggy furniture!

Do you have some furniture that needs some tender loving care?

Find your local chair caning repair pro today, and maybe get some other pieces fixed too.

Reupholster grandma’s old couch, refinish the battered old kitchen table, fix up that cool, comfortable wicker rocker to use on the porch!

Tell ’em Cathryn sent you!

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  1. Kerrin Rhinesmith

    I am looking for someone in the Madison, WI area that canes chairs. I have 2 or 3 chairs needing repair. Thank you!

    1. Great Valerine, to get your rocker seat re-woven just go to the FREE National Furniture Repair Directory™ and click on the Chair Caning category to look up the chair repair experts listings for the State of Wisconsin! Please let the person that you contact know that you found them through their ad on! And do me a favor by sharing my site with all your friends, family and social networks! Glad to be of help for you!

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