Friday Foodie Feature–Stir Fry Wok

I hardly ever post anything about food here on this blog, but thought for a change and to broaden the scope of my blog, I’d occasionally introduce some recipes every so often.

This particular blog post today however, will be to show you what utensils I use when making my Chicken Veggie Stir Fry and will give the actual recipe another day.

stir fry chicken-veggie

Handy, Dandy Stir Fry Steel Wok

Many years ago, hubby and I purchased a large, steel wok that we both absolutely loved. It has a nice, long wooden handle on one side, with a steel handle on the opposite side.

large steel wok

Our stir fry wok also has a large lid that’s perfect for steaming, and a heat ring that’s adaptable to either an
electric stove or a gas stove.

wok lid

All you do is turn the ring over to suit the heat source. Whoops! I see here in the picture, I have the ring positioned the wrong side up, the other way around is for electric!

wok heat ring

This stir fry wok is very large at 14″ in diameter and about 5-6″ deep and can hold enough for a big dinner party. It’s balanced perfectly, heats up quickly and evenly with no hot spots.

wok utensils

Both the metal strainer spoon (that I use when frying foods) and the flat metal spatula tool are great and I use them all the time.

Chicken Veggie Stir Fry

We also have other tools to use for just about anything, whatever’s needed in the recipe. We used to have a bamboo steamer that fit into the wok also, but somewhere along the line that got lost. Bummer, it was great with two levels and still fit inside the stir fry wok.

chicken stir fry with sauce

Will share the Chicken Stir Fry recipe in an upcoming blog post, but until then…Yumm, Yumm, watch out tummy here it comes!

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