I’ve not been quite myself lately and certainly not my usual “Chatty Cathy” on the blog, as I have been in the past and here’s the reason why… But fair warning, I’m making up for lost time on this post, it’s a long one.

Lily's drawing of Nana Cathy

Nana Cathy by 3-year old granddaughter Lily

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last week or so. But with the promise of Spring, after all this IS the Spring Equinox, also comes renewed energy,  so watch out for bright, rays of sunny posts streaming your way soon!

Sunrise frost in the willows

Sunrise frost in the willows

Yeah right, sorry about the frosty picture above, but it was the only one I could find in my photo library with rays of sunshine. But maybe it’s not so bad after all, because this morning when Mister Wicker Woman and I got up, it was SNOWING again. And here it is almost noon now when I’m posting and the temperature is only at 36 degrees F. Brrrr!

No real true signs of that Spring here yet, unless you want to count those ever so few and sparse willow buds beginning to show. Since we still have about two feet of snow on the ground in the yards and fields around our house and icy treacherous walks to the mailbox, me thinks Spring will still be a bit in coming up here.

Well now, bring it back to me…For about the last year now, I’ve been on a plan to lose weight and shape up and fly right! Especially after going through the trauma of  Mister Wicker Woman’s second bout with melanoma skin cancer in four years and extensive surgeries to remove the tumors.

We have both changed our outlook on the relationship to what we eat and it’s connection to ill health, including cancer. Mr. Wicker Woman has  lost a ton of weight and bulked up muscle tone and I’ve at least lost 30 pounds. We just won’t go there concerning my exercising and muscle tone program now, will we? But all my hard diet changes efforts to reclaim my health came back to bite me in the ass last week when I fell off the wagon big time and am really paying the price now.

healthy breakfast

Getting healthy breakfast

You know how it is when you’ve been watching what you’re eating to make sure there’s no intake of processed or junk food, no sugar at all (except for fruits and honey), and especially no sugar laden soft drinks, juices or booze. And you’re so good that you only consume whole grains, when and if you eat grains at all, drink lots of filtered water until you think you’ll float away, and you’re trying to eat only organically grown fruits and vegetables and grass-fed and/or free-range meats?

stuffed bell pepper

stuffed bell pepper

You’re doing your level best, taking super duper supplements to keep your colon moving along nicely, your ticker tocking regularly and your immune system singing it’s own sweet song?

Then wambo, you fall off the wagon, have a major meltdown and backslide, paying for every indiscretion, BIG TIME! Well, that’s exactly what happened to me a couple weeks ago.

Drawing of Papa John

Papa John drawing by 3-year old granddaughter

Papa John and I went down to visit the kids, grandkids, other relatives and do some other things in the Twin Cities. Miss Smarty Pants herself here, thought she’d built up her immune system enough and had been such a good girl, that a couple of stops at the fast food places along the way wouldn’t hurt a thing. WRONG!

After our return home I spent the entire day on the toilet, had gained SIX pounds (even after all that time on the can), and had massive headaches and felt pure ‘d rotten.

Then by this week after demonstrating bee skep making and chair seating in at the Range of the Arts, Heritage on the Iron Range last weekend,  I came down with what I think is either bronchitis or my asthma brought on the bronchitis.

The bubbling, rumbling, wheezing is back in my lungs after not being bothered with that for years, so I’ve been coughing my head off, running a slight temperature, not sleeping well, consequently napping frequently and not thinking clearly enough to make posts, until today.

Rest assured, I’m toddling off  to the doctor’s office tomorrow to make certain what I have is not bronchitis or walking pneumonia. And of  course, have picked myself up, dusted myself off and gotten back on the wagon strictly sticking to Doug Kaufmann’s anti-fungal Phase 1 Diet at www.KnowtheCause.com, for real this time.

Soon I’ll be back to my old cheerful self! See ya later, aligator!

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

This is the real me, but right now I feel and look like Lily's drawing of Nana above at the beginning of this post!

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