John “Jack” W. Jungroth 1929-2011

Today June 7, 2012, is the one year anniversary of my father, John “Jack” Jungroth’s passing.

John W Jungroth 9-2009

John “Jack” Jungroth 9-2009

It’s been a very difficult time for me and yet, seems like it was only yesterday when I received the news that he had passed over, leaving this world and us behind.

Dad had many varied interests and abilities from computers, music, genealogy, horses, writing, dogs, cattle to marketing, public relations and appearances.

Jack-Jungroth-Johnny-Peters 9-09

Johnny Peters and Grandpa Jack Jungroth 9-2009

Family Ties

Dad sure was proud of all of us four kids, four grandkids, five great-grandchildren and the three grandkids and five great-grandchildren by marriage, too.

As a matter of fact, my youngest brother John’s daughter and family held a picnic and invited all of us over there, just a few days before Dad died.

He enjoyed being around all the youngsters and all the terrific food that was served! Everyone had a great time, thanks so much!

Jack Jungroth Family 6-4-2011

Phyllis, Cathryn, John C. and Jack Jungroth 6-2011

Campbell and Shaw Genealogy

Dad was a very avid genealogy hound too and had been compiling family histories for over 50 years. His father (Jungroth-Bodforss) was from pure Swedish descent and his mother (Campbell-Shaw) was from pure Scottish descent.

Dad became a member of both the Clan Shaw and the Clan Campbell early on and received both the Dagger and Sword of distinction, presented by the Clan Shaw, I believe. He was so very proud to have received them, as not many are presented to the members.

Jack Jungroth Shaw Clan Sword 6-2011

Jack Jungroth with the Clan Shaw Sword 6-2011

In 1989 he and a cousin wrote and published a family history book on the Sandin, Peterson and Jungroth Families 1859-1989, which was a published hardcover book with over 1,300 pages and numerous historical photographs.

The two cousins also organized the first and only family reunion of the three family branches, which took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 24, & 25, 1989. There were over 200 attendees from across the country and some coming from as far away as Sweden!

Each person in the different branches wore the colored T-shirt that went with their “clan,” Jungroth was blue, Sandin’s were red, I believe and the Peterson’s were yellow. I still have my shirt and also have a commemorative coffee mug and the book, of course.

Virginia Sandin, Dad’s co-author and the organizer of the reunion, had made up a HUGE family tree poster. She also had each person sign a “register” and there was also someone going around with a movie camera, catching all the events.

I was not aware of this video until just the other day when I discovered the VCR tape in some of Dad’s belongings that Mom sent.

Then after all the meetings, greetings, eating and playing, at the end of the reunion, we all had our pictures taken, wearing our clan T-shirts. What fun that whole weekend was!

Barbershop Quartet and Chorus Singing

Mom also sent me ALL of Dad’s barbershop quartet music tapes and some CDs, photographs of all the choruses and quartets he was in and directed, along with all the name tags from each group. I haven’t counted all those, but there has to be over 20 name tags alone!

Any of you reading this post that are barbershop quartet fans, be sure to contact me so I can share all these wonderful tapes and CDs with you. I’d much rather give them away than send to the dump so contact me ASAP at [email protected]

Cathryn Peters Jack Jungroth 6-5-2011

Cathryn Jungroth Peters and Jack Jungroth 6-3-2011


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