Peters Celebrating 39 Years of Wedded Bliss


Today is our 39th wedding anniversary, and “they” thought we’d never make it past 5 years!

John and Cathryn Peters Wedding Day June 23, 1973

We met and fell in love overseas. Back in the early 1970s I was traveling in Europe and John had gotten a “European Out” from the Army and was living there in Oberammergau, Germany where we met.

We ended up spending the better share of a year in Oberammergau, before coming back to the States to get married.

We held the small, intimate marriage ceremony at John’s big old Victorian family home in Lake City, Minnesota.

John’s mom and her friends had decorated the house beautifully with flowers from their gardens and we were married in front of the picture window in the living room.

It was extremely hot that day in late June, and all of us in the wedding party were perspiring like crazy, even the pastor who had his back to the picture window.

After the ceremony, everyone filed out onto the porch for the reception line and cake, which then lead to the outdoor reception with cake, brats cooked on the grill and drink of choice!


Married in Lake City, MN
June 23, 1973

Children and Grandchildren
Hans & Heidi (Strack) Peters, MN
John François Peters
Oliver Diesel Peters

Joe & Margaret (Peters) Rouleau, WI
Lillian Teckla Rouleau

John’s Parents
Hans Joachim (77, 2004) & Dorothy (Schroeder) Peters, MN

Cathryn’s Parents
John William (81, 2011) & Phyllis (Vehrs) Jungroth, OK

John’s Siblings
Mark (49, 2001) C. Peters
Amy Peters, Minneapolis, MN

Cathryn’s Siblings
James & Sara Jungroth, California
David Jungroth, OK
John C. & Ginger Jungroth, OK

John-Cathryn Peters wedding 6-23-73
John & Cathryn Peters Wedding Day 6-23-73

What a wonderful event that was, right out in front of God, all our family and friends and the whole town, because the Peters house was on a big corner lot on a prominent city street.

It’s been a great time, not without its challenges for us both mind you, but well worth the journey! Hopefully there will be many more years together in our future.

John & Cathryn Peters 6-17-11


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7 thoughts on “Peters Celebrating 39 Years of Wedded Bliss”

  1. I love the old pictures! Thanks for sharing your memories!! I love your dress! I’m all for simple weddings – that’s why I liked ours so much too… simple!!

    1. Thanks Lynne, we sure did have fun on our wedding day and for the most part, every one of those 39 years have been just as great. I made my dress and scarf, can you tell? What can I say, it was during the “hippy-dippy” days of the 1970s :~;

  2. Cathryn & John,
    Happy Anniversary! I bet the 39 years felt like it just flew by and look at all you have accomplished. Blessings to you both for many more years together. Enjoy.


  3. Cathryn and John,
    Many, many more anniversaries to you !
    Exactly how did you meet over there ? And how wonderful, and fun a story!

    1. Jan, I will add the information to the post about how we met in Germany so everyone else knows too, but in a nutshell, we were both working in the Officer’s Club on the Army base, John as a chef and me as a waitress!

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