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I absolutely love our Minnesota Public Radio that we have here in the State, it’s the best by far of any other public radio stations I’ve listened to in any other state!

My favorite section of MPR is the Classical station, although MPR also has a Contemporary station for the younger crowd and the News station for those that want to be constantly on top of the daily happenings and events.

However, I am not a fan of opera and that’s what’s been playing for the last few minutes this Saturday afternoon as I’m weaving more antler baskets for the galleries, and writing my blog, of course!

I’m trying desperately to acquire the taste for opera, as I am a singer myself, and feel that in order to broaden my horizons, should like all types of music. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself all my life.

I really do appreciate the dedication to the art the singers have and all the time and effort it’s taken them to attain their level of expertise. Maybe if I understood the Italian language it was sung in, that might help matters, however I still don’t care for the music even when it’s sung in English!

But “it’s off with your head” for today, OPERA! I’m changing the radio station right away! Maybe I can find some jazz or Celtic music or something else like that to keep my spirits up and keep me in the mood for weaving lots of antler baskets today.

How about you? What kind of music do you prefer to listed to as you work or weave?

Keep weavin’ the threads of life!  Cathryn

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