Caleb James Danish Modern Furnituremaker

Danish cord chair seat collage

I’ve always been fascinated by and loved the Scandinavian, specifically the Danish Modern furniture from the 1940s-1960s, now called “Mid-Century furniture.” Usually made out of teak wood, it had smooth, clean lines and was actually quite comfortable furniture to sit on.

When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, my family had a lot of the furniture. We had the dining room suite with its table, chairs and china hutch and then we had several side tables, chairs and a couch, credenza, lamps and then of course the matching rugs and other accessories.

Caleb James Danish Modern Furnituremaker

And although I’ve done my share of restoration weaving the seats and backs on this furniture, my work is nothing compared to the craftsmanship of furniture maker and seat weaver, Caleb James of Kapel Designs in Greenville, South Carolina.

Besides making his own Danish Modern furniture, Caleb also weaves all the chair seats! I happened to stumble on his Youtube Channel a while ago and subscribed right away.

I was especially drawn to the rush weaving pattern using the Danish cord in the trapezoidal chairs he builds and also done on the chair seats he restores. Caleb started a six part video series on just how to weave these interesting chair seats.

The topic of how to weave these particular rush seats comes up frequently as a discussion thread on my Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum–The Caner’s Community Hub™, so Caleb’s video series showing just exactly how to weave them will be very beneficial to all our weavers.

In the Danish Cord Rush Weaving video series he’s weaving on the Wegner #37, which is the one that our forum members are so baffled by. Be sure to watch, rate and Subscribe to Caleb’s Youtube Channel for from this very talented furniture maker and chair seat weaver!

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  1. What do you charge for Danish chairs? Trying to get a sense to charge in Melbourne Florida.
    Thank you, Dean

    1. Hi Dean,

      Thanks for leaving a comment about what to charge for Danish modern cord repair. I have an older outdated Charges & Pricing page that you could use for reference and then up the charge to today’s costs. But if you are wondering about what Caleb James, the focus of this blog post charges, you will need to contact him directly.

      P.S. Since you are doing chair seating for hire now, please consider advertising your business on my National Furniture Repair Directory™. Exposure is great and pricing is very reasonable! Get in now before the price goes up in January!

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