In this post, I am resurrecting a regular series I began in 2009, talking about one specific topic–Antique Wicker Furniture.

wicker rocker plant support

Wednesday seemed to be a good day of the week to focus on this topic and so began the Wednesday Wicker Wisdom series of posts.

Here are a few pictures showing some pieces from the various eras of the Wicker Furniture Industry that began right here in the United States!


Victorian wicker heart-shape settee

Victorian Era Settee

victorian reed wicker chair

Victorian Era Reed Wicker Chair



Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company- 1920s Reed Wicker Lamp

Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company lamp label

Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company Lamp Label

1930s paper wicker rocker

1930s Paper Fibre Wicker Rocker

paper wicker design back

1920s-1930s Paper Wicker Furniture

MACHINE AGE–1917-1930s

lloyd loom wicker baby cart

1920s Lloyd Loom Paper Wicker Baby Cart

1930s Lloyd Loom Wicker Couch

1930s Lloyd Loom Paper Wicker Couch

1930s stick wicker

1930s Stick Wicker

If you’d like to read some of the older Wednesday Wicker Wisdom posts, you can use the Search box feature here at the top of the page, using the phrase, Wednesday Wicker Wisdom and you’ll come up with quite a few. Or you could search through the Archives beginning with April 2009. Enjoy!

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