Wicker Furniture Appraisal–Wondering what yours is worth?

Do you have some antique wicker furniture and you’d like a wicker furniture appraisal so you know what it’s worth? Maybe you want to sell the piece and get the best value or maybe you want to know for insurance purposes? Or maybe you love wicker and are curious when it was made and by whom?

Victorian Heywood-Wakefield rattan wicker set with flower motif in backs.
Victorian Heywood-Wakefield rattan wicker set with flower motif in backs

Need to know what material was used when your wicker furniture was created so you can clean and care for your wicker furniture properly?

Victorian wicker perambutator

Well, since I am not certified to give wicker furniture appraisals, I’m happy to report that the very well known and respected wicker repair expert, author of several books on the wicker furniture industry and certified wicker appraiser, Richard Saunders, can help you instead!

Cathryn with antique wicker

When you send several pictures to Richard, he will give you a certified wicker furniture appraisal that you can later use as a basis for selling your antique wicker, or for estate purposes or even to establish value for insurance purposes.

1930s stick wicker

Contact Richard today to have him “do his magic,” with a wicker furniture appraisal, you’ll be glad you did. And tell him you saw this blog post on Weavin’ Wicker Woman Blog™

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11 thoughts on “Wicker Furniture Appraisal–Wondering what yours is worth?”

  1. looking to find out information about my wicker from my grandmother..I believe it’s Ratton/Bamboo wicker bench/loveseat and Bookshelf..trying to find out Era, where from and maybe value..Thanks Tina Benson

    1. Hi Tina,

      It’s wonderful that you have your grandmother’s wicker pieces and want to find out when they were made and their value.

      Just go to Wicker appraiser, author and repair expert, Richard Saunders’ listing in the National Furniture Repair Directory™.

      Once you send him pictures and your request for an appraisal, he’ll let you know all the information about your piece!

      P.S. Be sure to also check out my hints and tips on Caring for Your Wicker Furniture and other articles on wicker furniture here on the Weaving Articles tab at the top of every page on my site.


    Hi – I clicked to get to Richard’s appraisal service, but the link did not take me there. Would you please give me his email address? Thanks!

  3. Dear wicker woman,

    I was wondering if you can help me with finding out the value of a wicker/rattan vintage loveseat with red leather cushions? and who makes it? I would really appreciate it.:)

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Deb,

      As I said in the blog post, I don’t give appraisals and that’s what you are asking me for in your question. So please contact Richard Saunders the author, wicker restoration expert and certified wicker appraiser I referred to in the post. He’s listed in my National Furniture Repair Directory™ in the Wicker Repair category in the State of Georgia and tell him you found him here on the blog.

  4. I threw away a wicker chair that my boyfriend bought from a church , it was a peacock fan back he bought it from a church for 2.00

    1. Ouch! So sorry to hear you threw out the peacock wicker fan chair, too bad. Was it in need of repairs or did you just not want it anymore? You could have also donated it to the Salvation Army thrift store or something similar if it was still in good shape. Oh well, next time you might react differently. Best to you and thanks for your comment.

  5. I have 3 vintage wicker pieces in good condition that I would like to have appraised. Please let me know how to submit photos.

    1. Hi Carol,

      If you are not sure if your rocker is wicker or not, please go read some of the pages that describe wicker furniture and other types of seat weaving that might be on your rocker.

      These pages of my website should help you figure out whether it’s wicker or not:

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