Well, this topic of joining paper rush strands using hog ring pliers is one that I thought I’d already covered here on the Weavin’ Wicker Woman blog, but I can’t find one single post on it, so here goes…

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paper rush coil

One pound coil of paper rush used in weaving paper fibre rush chair seats


Back in 2010 at the 3rd Annual Gathering of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.® at Tillers International in Scotts, Michigan, one of our members, Jan Stansell from Georgia, introduced a time-saving tool she uses when weaving a paper fibre rush chair seat.


paper rush hog ring pliers

Hog ring pliers and clips for joining paper rush strands


Until seeing and trying this method, I had always unraveled the end of the old strand, applied some carpenter’s yellow glue to it and then placed the end of the new strand in the old and rewrapped the two strands together.


joining paper rush strands by gluing together

Gluing together new and old strand of paper rush to make a splice


Then I would hold the splice until the glue dried, using a snap clothespin. I was careful to do all this splicing inside the gussets or pockets created on either the front, back or side rails, so they would be hidden by the weaving and never exposed to view.


glued paper rush splice hidden in gusset

Hiding the glued paper rush splice within the gussets


Now, I use this quick and dirty way of joining paper rush using hog ring pliers and 3/8″ rings, saving me a bunch of time and messing with the glue!


using hog ring clip and pliers to splice paper rush strands

Squeeze the hog ring clip around the new and old ends and pinch with pliers


Be sure to measure the end lengths of the rush so the join will be inside a gusset or pocket, then take out the little 3/8″ metal clip, put it in the pliers, place around the two end pieces of the rush splice, and pinch!


connected splice of paper rush ends

Bam! Paper rush ends are connected!


Only takes about a second and there’s NO MESS at all. Boom, you’re done! Slip the join inside the gusset between the cardboard layers and go on with the weaving!


completed splice using hog ring and pliers

Now, doesn’t this finished splice look nice! Hide it in the gusset.


Paper rush woven chair seat

Beautiful paper fibre rush woven chair seat


Thank you, thank you, thank you Jan Stansell and the members of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.®! We always learn so much at the Gatherings, especially during the Tools, Hints, Tips and Sharing workshop/seminar.

Won’t you join us this July 25-27, 2014 in Massachusetts at the Old Sturbridge Village for TSWG 7th Annual Gathering and meeting of the corporation? We’ll save a seat just for you!™.

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