Victorian Heart Shaped Wicker Set-part 4

WEDNESDAY WICKER WISDOM–Sad to report, but this will be the final post about the lovely Victorian Heart Shaped Wicker Set that I’ve shared with you here on the blog…

Victorian wicker heart-shape settee
1880s Victorian Heart Shaped Wicker Settee

Bargain hunter Patty made some more phone calls to local area antique dealers in central Florida and had finally located someone that was knowledgeable about antique wicker. So she and hubby Neil, loaded up the truck and secured the wicker set and they were off.

Fancy wrapped and curlicue leg of Victorian woman's chair

Then on the way over to the antique dealer’s it began to storm heavily with high winds and driving rain. And although the Normans thought they tied down all the wicker, to their horror and disbelieve they watched as the wicker flew out of the truck bed and slammed on the pavement behind them in the middle of the highway!

Bottom of Victorian wicker settee

Thankfully, their flying wicker furniture didn’t cause an accident or hurt anyone. Neil retrieved the badly battered settee and they repacked everything and continued on their way to the dealer.  But their hopes were dashed when the dealer said he thought the set was damaged far too much to be salvaged and then sold to make a profit.

Manufacturer's label on the bottom of Victorian wicker

So, Patty contacted a few antique dealers and wicker repair folks again to see if anyone would want the set, but could find no one interested even at the $20 price they paid for it. How sad is that?

Victorian heart shaped wicker lady's chair

I would have taken the damaged set in a heart beat (pun intended),  if for no other reason than to disassemble it to use the parts on other pieces of wicker furniture to be repaired. Wouldn’t the backs of those pieces make beautiful wall sculptures or even a headboard for a bed, or decoration in a frilly bathroom or bedroom? Or, the chairs could also be used outside in a garden as a plant holder!

Here’s the final closing shot from Patty’s email, “So there is the short version of the Wakefield or Heywood wicker we found by accident and we lost by accident as well!”

Well, this saga took place several months ago now and Patty and Neil have probably thrown the set out, but let me know if you’d like it and I’ll contact them again and see what the outcome of this wonderful antique wicker set.

How would you repurpose this damaged antique wicker set if it could no longer be used as intended? Please leave your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Victorian Heart Shaped Wicker Set-part 4”

  1. im looking for large heart shaped willow (?) baskets to be used as cloths hampers and i want one for my kitchen to put on top of my above the stove microwave to hide the plug!!! <3

    1. Sorry Anita, but I can’t help you find the heart shaped willow baskets you are looking for. Have you tried an image search on Google?

  2. I just found a wicker rocking chair
    don’t know how old it is but it seems to be in good shape but it is
    dry and dusty. The arms need a little repair. I found out from your
    information that I can put the hose on it and clean it. I think it needs some kind of a finish. May I send you a picture and perhaps you can tell me if it all worthwhile. I live in Hollywood ,Fl. I also learned not to leave it
    on the patio in the sun. Thank you. Suggestion for your victorian set if you are really giving it up how about using it in your garden until it really deteriorates. Could make a pretty picture. I await word from you. Thank you again, Marge.

    1. Hi Marge,

      I’m so glad you found the wicker hints and tips information here on helpful to you! For help restoring your wicker rocker or to answer your questions please contact the businesses listed in Florida on the Furniture Repair Directory. You can click on the link at the bottom of any page or go directly to the index page from this link, then click on either the Wicker section or the Seatweaving section. Thanks!

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