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Savannah, GA 31405, USA

Richard Saunders is a former antique wicker furniture repair expert with over 40 years of hands-on restoration experience. He is also the author of five books on antique wicker furniture, including Collecting and Restoring Wicker Furniture — the first book published with a how-to chapter on wicker repair.

Several years ago, Richard relocated from California to Savannah, Georgia, bringing with him over 40 years of experience in restoring, writing about and appraising antique wicker furniture. Although he has now retired entirely from the wicker restoration part of his business, he does continue to serve the antique wicker field as a certified wicker furniture appraiser.

Are you curious about a piece of wicker you have but doubt its value and are thinking of taking it to the dump? STOP! Don’t throw out what just might be a valuable and irreplaceable piece of our American wicker history. Before you toss your wicker–get it appraised first by the certified wicker appraiser expert!

Saunders provides certified, fee-based wicker furniture appraisals at $25 per piece.

His appraisals can be used to establish the value of your wicker pieces for a variety of purposes:

  • heirloom/inheritance
  • estate sales
  • marketplace resale
  • insurance
  • moving damage claims
  • court cases if necessary

Richard’s appraisals also include historical information, notes on style and design, dating the piece and proven or likely manufacturer.

Certified wicker furniture appraisals are given only after a physical inspection or through a series of good-quality photos sent via email or postal mail.

Saunders is one of only a few whose appraisal certification specialty is antique wicker furniture. Contact Richard today for an appointment so you will be knowledgeable about your wicker furniture, too.

Mr. Saunders is also offering brand new copies of WICKER FURNITURE: A GUIDE TO RESTORING AND COLLECTING (Crown Publishers; 1990). This is a 245-page, large-format paperback book which includes an 8-page color photo section, hundreds of black and white photos and lots of fascinating information on antique wicker furniture. This is a perfect addition to anyone’s personal reference library.

This book went out of print several years ago but he has a limited supply of NEW copies which he purchased from the publisher’s warehouse. He would be happy to personally sign your copy. Price is $20, including shipping and handling.

Contact Richard today to order your signed book, WICKER FURNITURE: A GUIDE TO RESTORING AND COLLECTING or to get your wicker piece evaluated and appraised for its proper value!

Honorary Lifetime Member of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.®


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