Wicker Woman’s Blog Celebrates ninth anniversary

Well, with all the hubbub of traveling, teaching, taking willow basketweaving classes and meeting new friends from the Internet last month, I almost forgot it was my blogging anniversary!

Cathryn Peters demonstrating chair caning at North House Folk School.
The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters demonstrating chair caning

On July 16, 2013 Weavin’ Wicker Woman celebrated the chair caning blog’s nine-year anniversary of continuous blogging in the chair caning, basketry, wicker repair and fiber art niche!

Samples of Cathryn Peters Antler Basket Patterns
Antler Baskets and Patterns created by Cathryn Peters

I can hardly believe it myself and I am so grateful to my subscribers for hanging in there with me through all those years, you rock!

Antler Basket Class at North House Folk School
Cathryn’s antler basket class at North House Folk School

We certainly have covered a broad spectrum of topics on this blog over the years, haven’t we?

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Some photos from before the migration from Blogger.com to my own self-hosted website blog are missing and didn’t “stick” with the posts, sorry but they are lost.

cane spline remover steamer
Electric steamer used to remove spline in cane webbing seat

Remember these posts throughout the years? Enjoy!

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