Early Morning Sunrise


Early Morning Sunrise in Angora, MN


Well, I guess I really AM a morning person, no doubt about it, up this morning at 5:00am, unable to go back to sleep. So I’m looking outside at the DARK and in the little bit of light, I also see fog.

early morning fog angora 7-13

Something about fog really intrigues me. Guess it’s from watching too many of those old Sherlock Holmes movies when I was a kid like, Hounds of the Baskervilles, seeing the tons of fog in the moors.


Although I can stay up really late when and if I want to, (I’ve been known to stay up ’till 2:00am many a night on the computer for Heaven’s sake), I seem to always wake up early around 5:30am or 6:00am usually.

So whenever I sleep in to say, 8:30am there’s definitely something radically wrong with me.

early morning sunrise 8-7-13

One of the great joys of living in the country and especially up nord, are the fabulous early morning sunrise photos I get, wouldn’t you agree?

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Happy Weaving!
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5 thoughts on “Early Morning Sunrise”

  1. Happy Birthday, Cathy!

    It’s a beautiful morning here in Reno, NV, albeit a little smoky from the fire west of us in CA.

    Have a great day!

  2. If I’m up at 5 am it’s because I couldn’t sleep!! I’m definitely a night person. I have to force myself to go to bed! I see 2 am all the time! Nothing like a night sky, full of stars. But your morning pics remind me of what I miss most mornings!! Thanks Cathryn for the beautiful pics!

    1. Lynne, how in the world are you able to function on so little sleep? Crazy, but you must get so much accomplished during the day, or is your secret napping in the afternoon?

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