Happy B-Day to me!

Cathryn Peters MN Seatweaver and Basketmaker

Happy B-Day to me! Does this scarf make me look fat? Hehehehe!

Thank you for all the great birthday wishes through Facebook, Twitter, email, postal mail and phone I’ve been getting for the last few days and again this morning!

What a wonderful day this has been so far, turning another year older has been great. The sun is shining brightly, there’s just a bit of a breeze, and the birds in the trees and the hummingbirds at the feeders are going crazy.

Yesterday we found several garter snakes sunning themselves by the brick front of the garage/studio and the one baby robin in the nest just flew the coop.

Our son is applying steel siding to the garage/studio and then taking me out to lunch and our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are taking me out for a jazz concert tonight in Cook, MN at the Comet Theater.

The caning and wicker repair business is booming, antler basket weaving and chair caning classes are filling nicely and I’m also tweaking the website and blog to improve them, too.

Life couldn’t get any better! Hope to be on this side of the dirt for many more years to come!

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  1. Cathryn My name is Johanna Brower and I own Basketcases- wicker repair shop in Gulfport, MS. I’ve owned Basketcases for 30 yrs–both here in Gulfport in the 80’s, in Texas for several yrs, and have been back here in Gulfport for about 4 yrs now. I am not much into the whole Facebook social media thing because it steals all my time, (although I know it would be helpful to my business) and I’m a bit unschooled in that area. My question to you is how do I go about being included in the lists of wicker repair shops you have listed and maybe the associations you have on your website? Would it be possible for you to contact me and maybe point me in the right directions? Any help you can send my way will be greatly appreciated! Oh, and Happy (belated) Birthday!

    1. Thanks for leaving the comment Johanna, I appreciate you taking the time and letting me know about your wicker business!

      As far as advertising your wicker restoration here on the website it’s pretty easy. And if you want to join the other organizations, you can just click on the links to visit them.

      Just go to the Advertise page and select the National Furniture Repair Directory page.

      Then make your payment through the PayPal buttons and fill out the form as you want it to appear on your ad on the website. After I receive your annual payment, I will post your ad and then ask you to proof it for mistakes.

      All regular ads begin at the first of the month and then each year I send you a renewal invoice. But the Subscription ads start whenever you actually sign up and are automatically renewed each year by PayPal until you tell them to quit.

      Hope to hear back from you again soon and thanks for leaving the comment!

    1. Thanks Nancy for the great birthday wishes, it’s been a very busy month for me and the B-Day was no exception. Loving life and all the new changes coming my way, though!

  2. Happy Birthday Cathryn! I wish I had your enthusiasm when it’s my birthday! I’m usually depressed and it’s coming up in October. I’ll be sure to re-read your post many times when October swings around as an attempt to change my mood!


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