Our 36th Wedding Anniversary!

John-Cathryn Peters wedding 6-23-73
John & Cathryn Peters Wedding Day 6-23-73

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary! And in many ways, it seems like we were married just yesterday and in other ways, it seems like forever that we’ve been together.

John (I call him “Pete,” and he calls me “Tootsie”) has put up with all my basketweaving and chair caning “stuff” underfoot for at least 34 of those years, and I’ve endured his hunting and fishing seasons and working on mechanical things.

We are total opposites in just about everything except for our love of life, moral values, and love and appreciation of our families, now including two very special grandchildren!

The editor and webmaster of the website for Cook, Minnesota, Don Simonson, posted a really nice picture and family tree chart of us along with the names and locations of our parents, children and grandchildren.

Don does this for all the residents of and around Cook, Minnesota. He covers birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, births and everything going on in and around this little northern Minnesota city on the Iron Range. Thank you, Don.

Isn’t our wedding picture up there great? Look at those two babes in the woods, me 100 lbs. lighter and him with dark hair and no beard! We got married on a very hot June day at the grand Victorian house that all the Peters kids grew up in, located on a big corner lot Lake City, Minnesota.

Our wedding was a laid-back affair, with only my sister-in-law Amy as my bridesmaid, John’s best friend David Boss as his best man. I even made my own dress and little scarf! Family and close friends attended with maybe 100 or so total.

My mother-in-law pulled no punches decorating the house with lovely bouquets of flowers from her rose garden and from some of the neighbor’s gardens, too. Chairs were assembled in the living room and dining room for the guests.

I entered from upstairs, down the grand staircase to stand with the rest of the wedding party in front of the big picture window. As I said, it was a very hot day and we could hardly wait to be pronounced man and wife so we could go outside where it was cooler! Standing there in the living room in front of the window with the sun beating down on us, I thought we would all pass out.

John-Cathryn Peters wedding 6-1973
John and Cathryn Peters Wedding Day June 1973

After the ceremony, we all filed out to the huge wrap around porch for the reception line and the cutting of the cake. Then a bit later hubby and all the guys roasted a pig and we all had lunch and took pictures on the front lawn!

What a great day that was for us and all the days since then have been just as wonderful. We are so blessed to have found each other.

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