Willow Basket Classes in Ontario, Canada

We are having a great time at Lakeshore Willows this week, at the willow basket classes in Ontario, Canada with instructor Anne Mette Hjornholm .

Lene’s cultured basketry willow that she grows especially for basketmaking is wonderful. Each strand it long, slender and malleable so it’s easy to make sharp turns without breaking. She helps each basketmaker to select the best types and thicknesses of willow rods for every part of the project.

Lakeshore Willow beds
Lakeshore Willow with owner Lene Rassmussen

Yesterday the seven of us, students from all over Canada and two of us from the States, wove a Tatza basket, a Polish bread basket that was beautiful.

 Anne Mette Hjornholm 2013 willow class
Anne Mette Hjornholm weaving Tatza basket.

I was able to make two willow Tatza baskets during yesterday’s class and looking forward to the new ones today!

Cathryn with willow basketmaking teacher Anne Metta Hjornholm
Me with Danish willow basket instructor Anne Metta Hjornholm 2013 Lakeshore Willows, Canada

Gotta run, class starts in 30 minutes! Wanted to do this post last night, but big storms were brewing and we lost power at the motel.

Lakeshore Willows workshop
Lakeshore Willows basketry workshop July 2013

Temps have been in the high 90s for the last week, but today they are supposed to drop and be more comfortable. Thank goodness, because I forgot to bring any shorts! Must get to the store tonight and find some.

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~~ Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much ~~

Until next time, Happy Weaving!


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5 thoughts on “Willow Basket Classes in Ontario, Canada”

  1. I am looking for an instructor to come to our community to do a couple basket weaving classes. I live in Whitney, ontario. Doorstep to Algonquin Park. Would this be something you could do or know someone who could?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Gloria,

      You will need to contact Lakeshore Willows directly and ask if they can either teach in Whitney or maybe refer you to a willow basketmaker/teacher that travels for classes. Lakeshore Willows held many, many classes at their location in Wainfleet for many years but no longer does. The business changed hands in 2023 and is now holding classes elsewhere. Contact them directly through the website.

  2. I wouldn’t have brought shorts either to Canada! But it sounds like my kind of weather — I like it when it gets in the 90s. But maybe not so much if I was slaving over a basket! LOL! Great pics. Looks like a gorgeous place to be making baskets!

    lynne, a.k.a. thebasketmakerswife.com

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