Hjornholm Willow Basket Weaving Class

weaving burkina willow baskets
Burkina willow basket class is starting!

Burkina Willow Basket Class with Anne Mette Hjornholm

The last day of willow basketweaving with Danish instructor Anne Metta Hjornholm at Lakeshore Willows was the Burkina open style basket.

Burkina willow baskets
Burkina willow basket class starting!

These seemingly easy little baskets turned out to be exceptionally challenging for many of us seasoned weavers as well as the beginners!

Hjornholm burkina willow class
Hjornholm Burkina willow basket class 2013

Thankfully Anne Mette was right there helping us along and doing demonstrations for us over and over again.

Anne Mette Hjornholm Burkina baskets
Anne Mette Hjornholm teaching Burkina baskets


teacher burkina willow demo
Anne doing Burkina basket demo

Here’s the tiny Burkina willow basket that I managed to complete during class. Look how little it is, but took me hours to weave!

Cathryn Peters Burkina willow basket in process
My Burkina willow basket in process.

Now that I finally caught on, I’m confident I could do more, but my hands were aching too much to weave anymore that day.

cpeters burkina willow basket
Willow weaving class at Lakeshore Willows in Canada.

Fellow member of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc.® and beginning basket weaver Donna Kim, from Toronto did a fantastic job, don’t you think? Her basket isn’t quite finished yet, but is much bigger and better than mine.

It was very cold that day, a big change from the previous five days of the willow classes. Look at how the color of our willow baskets matches our shirts, isn’t that funny?

cpeters-dkim-7-24-13 willow
Cathryn Peters and Donna Kim Burkina Willow Basket Class

Thanks so much to Lakeshore Willows owner Lene Rassmussen for inviting instructor Anne Mette Hjornholm to Canada to teach this week long willow class series.

Your willow beds are lovely and the quality of the weaving materials was superb, making for a very enjoyable basket weaving experience.

Lakeshore Willows Wainfleet Ontario Canada
Lene Rassmussen at her Lakeshore Willows beds in Wainfleet, Canada

And whether weaving inside the barn, or under the weeping willow tree in the front yard at Lakeshore Willows, the setting was delightful.

Lakeshore Willows workshop
Lakeshore Willows basketry workshop July 2013


Lakeshore Willows 2013 basket class
Weaving baskets under the big willow trees at Lakeshore Willows, Canada

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Lakeshore Willows and are able to take classes or purchase willow from Lene Rassmussen, I would highly recommend you do it.

Follow Lene’s blog also at https://salix-willows.blogspot.ca so you get first mention on what’s happening at Lakeshore Willows.

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  1. I truly appreciate your wonderful posting and kind words. I too, enjoyed the days so very much.
    I is kind of lonely here these days 🙂

  2. Hi Cathryn, great photos! I can’t believe how cold it was that day – it looks like we’re dressed for the fall with our Burkina baskets in hand. I chose to use a smaller willow variety which made it easier to weave with…my fingers were too sore that day. Kudos to you for making your Burkina with the hardier variety! Missing those days in Wainfleet…

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