Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association Annual Gathering

Indian Country Today – Canastota,NY,USA–Photo by Jack McNeel — Delores Pigsley, Siletz, and her two granddaughters, Daisy and Rose, modeled traditional dresses with hats and baskets made by Bud Lane, Siletz, at the 12th gathering of the

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association

held recently at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort and Hotel.

WORLEY, Idaho –

Native American basket weavers

from throughout the Northwest recently met at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort and Hotel for the annual gathering of the Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association. This marked the 12th year in which the association has met, alternating every two years between sites east and west of the Cascades.

Laura Wong-Whitebear, Colville, is president, now in her fifth year. She explained the importance of this gathering that allows weavers to get together to exchange ideas, learn from one another, meet and welcome new members, and keep the tradition of basket weaving alive. She related her first meeting, nine years ago: ”There were baskets from all over and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven,” she laughed. ”That’s the feeling you get.”

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2 thoughts on “Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association Annual Gathering”

  1. WE are looking for a basket weaver to shorten three baskets that we had made in the Philippines. They were made 22″ tall and they should be a max of 20″. Do you know where we can find a basket weaver.

    1. Hi Alvin,

      Thanks for visiting my website, now let’s see if we can get you hooked up with someone that can help you with your three baskets that need repair.

      You neglected to say what state you live in but click on the Resource Links tab at the top of any page and then scroll down and check on both the individual Basketmakers page and the Basket Guilds page to see if you can connect with someone in your area.

      Glad to help you out here and at least point you in the right direction to find a basketweaver to help!

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