Need Chair Caning Repair? See these Pros

Do you need any chair caning repair done on your furniture? Maybe the sheet of cane has come out of its groove, someone put their foot through the cane, or several strands are broken and the seat is sagging, too?

Removable cane webbing chair seat, with big hole in seat, badly in need of repair.
Removable spline cane or cane webbing seat

If your cane chairs need help like this, then you’re in luck. No matter what you need, cane bottom chair repair, cane webbing repair, paper rush, natural rush, splints or even Danish cord I have excellent sources for you to choose from right here on!

And if you are not sure what type of woven seat your chair has, this article on seatweaving patterns just might help.

Hole-to-hole cane seat frame ready to ship to professional for repair.
Removable hole-to-hole cane seat

Find a professional chair caning repair expert near you by searching the National Furniture Repair Directory™. 

The Directory is listed on the New? Start Here! page, at the top of every page in the navigation bar, in the footer of every page and also on the Homepage.

Get your family heirlooms, flea market finds, or repurposed chairs, rockers and couches restored to their former glory.

Simply go to the Chair Caning category and search your state and even nearby states to find someone near you to do the work.

Find Seatweaving/Chair Caning Pros on the National Furniture Repair Directory™
National Furniture Repair Directory™–Seatweaving

Once you find your seatweaving professional, you can either contact them by phone or email, listed on their ad in the Furniture Repair Directory™. 

What happens next will depend on the chair caning repair pro’s business practices and their workload ahead of your piece.

Most will ask you to supply pictures via email so they know what to expect. Some may give you a rough estimate with a final one to follow a close-up inspection when you deliver the piece.

Or perhaps they will schedule an appointment for you to deliver your piece to their workshop for a physical examination.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your piece is fairly small or the seat can be taken off the chair frame, you can ship your piece just about anywhere in the country to have it repaired.

So, if you can’t find anyone near you, consider sending cane or rush seats through the United States Post Office, UPS, FedEx or even the Greyhound bus sometimes! Removable seats can be shipped, who knew?

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