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MONDAY MENTION– Need any chair caning repair done on your furniture? Locate an expert nearby and get your family heirlooms, flea market finds or repurposed chairs, rockers and couches restored to their former glory.


removable spline cane seat

Spline cane, sheet cane or cane webbing


Recently added several new chair caning repair businesses to the listings on the National Furniture Repair Directory on!

Keep in mind too, that if your piece is fairly small or the seat can be taken off the chair frame, you can ship your piece to have it repaired. Look into the costs of sending through the services of the post office, UPS or even the Greyhound bus sometimes!

KATHLEEN’S CANING  in Camden, Indiana

WOVEN IN TIME in Mishawaka, Indiana


COURTHOUSE CANE in Washington Court House, Ohio

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