Chair Caning Repair in Tyler, Texas


We have a new Texas business listed in the National Furniture Repair Directory™ in the Seatweaving section.

cane webbing chair seat

Welcome to the Big G Furniture Repair & Chair Caning in Tyler, Texas it’s where you get your furniture the TLC it needs! See their listing, then give them a call and/or visit their website. So happy to have you aboard guys!

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4 thoughts on “Chair Caning Repair in Tyler, Texas”

  1. Jerry weisinger

    Hello, this may seem a little of an unorthodox request but I need to get a flat piece of wood covered in wicker or cane material. It’s roughly 18 + 16 maybe. It’s an amplifier baffle ( speaker mounts in backside ) the wicker makes the face and grill of the amplifier. If you are unable can you sell me a piece? 24+24 thanx jerry

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Your request is not unorthodox, only where you posted the question! My Contact page would have been more appropriate place to ask this question. On that page you’d see that I don’t sell materials or supplies, I leave that up to the companies that are in business to sell to the public. I have set up a Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™ where you can make contact with any of the 30 or so listed businesses! You can look at their online catalogs to find the cane webbing or sheet cane you will need for the project. And if you have any questions, call them and describe the project and ask for suggestions. Please let whomever you contact know that you found them through their listing on

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