Two Father-Son Chair Caning Teams!

David W. Dick, chair caner at TSWG Gathering 2009It has just occurred to me that we have something rather unusual and quite remarkable going on in the Seatweaving Experts section of the National Furniture Repair Directory™ here on!

We have two sets of chair caning father-son teams and they are each in four different states!

Here are our chair caning father-son duos:

David W. Dick, chair caner and wicker restoration expert from Illinois is the father of chair caner Andrew Dick, with Andy’s Caning located in Indiana.

David had been on the Directory for several years and then Andy got wind of what a good deal it had been for his dad and decided to advertise his chair caning skills also a few years later.  Or was it the other way around? I can’t remember now, long time ago.

Those of you that use the Directory frequently as a chair caning experts locating resource, might recall that Andy used to have his business in South Carolina when he first began on the Directory. He has recently relocated to be closer to family and is now in Indiana, weaving away.

Tim Stearns, owner of T. A. Stearns Enterprises, LLC does chair caning and all sorts of other seat weaving in Frenchtown, Montana and has been listed on the Directory for several years.

Then just last week, Tim’s father, Rodney Stearns with Rodney’s Caning in Colorado Springs, CO decided to be listed on the Directory. Thanks Tim, for suggesting your father get on the bandwagon,too!

Itialian cane chair repaired.Each of the sons learned the trade from their fathers, which I think this is pretty special and should be acknowledged and praised, don’t you agree?

How many sons actually listen to what their fathers are saying, much less take it to heart and act on their teachings? Way to go, all you chair caning guys!

If you’d like to join the rest of the chair caning and seatweaving repair specialists on the National Furniture Repair Directory™ on, just pop on over to the

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4 thoughts on “Two Father-Son Chair Caning Teams!”

  1. Hi! I just happened upon your site by looking up David Dick. I bought a beautiful chair at a resale shop and on the bottom it has written “caned June 1985 by David Dick”. It’s still amazingly perfect!

    1. Hi Peggy,

      I’m so happy you discovered my wicker site and that you purchased a chair that David Dick caned and that the seat is still in really good shape! Just goes to show that it’s always a good idea for a chair caner to sign their work! Please contact David and let him know all this, I’m sure he’ll be tickled pink to hear from you. Here’s David’s listing on the National Furniture Repair Directory™ again. Please let him know you found him on my site, thank you!

  2. Very interesting!! I would like to know where in Indiana this person is, as I am not far from Indiana, just in Southern Mi. I have just recently tought my older Sister.

    1. Cheryl, congratuations on teaching your sister how to do chair caning! And all you have to do to find out where each of these chair caning experts are located is to either click on the hotlink to the National Furniture Repair Directory™ or click on their name, which is a hotlink to their listing on the Directory. Simple!

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