Arts Count in Minnesota Survey

Are you a resident of Minnesota? Then PLEASE take this survey ASAP and pass on to everyone you know in the state and ask them to take it too!

The Minnesota State Arts Board in partnership with the state’s eleven regional arts councils is counting every individual and organization that engages in, supports, or facilitates creative expression in Minnesota. Every single person is invited to BE COUNTED, and that includes you!

The survey takes less than 5 minutes and can be done anonymously. I just did the survey and it’s quick.

The Minnesota State legislature requested the study to get some idea of how many organizations and individuals are involved in the arts in Minnesota, so please complete this important survey.

And if anyone decides to enter the contest for the number of artists in Minnesota, the state population is ~5.26 million.

Thank you for helping get us get counted, I was counted in the MN Arts Count and thought that you should be counted too!

Go to to participate and show that the Arts Count in Minnesota!

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