Have you been counted yet? MN Arts Count

The Minnesota State Arts Board and the state’s eleven regional arts councils are trying to do something that has never been done before.

Through the MN Arts Count https://www.mnartscount.com/ we are trying to count every individual and every organization in Minnesota that is involved in any kind of creative or arts expression.

“Every” means you! If you paint or write short stories as a pastime…you count! If you display the work of local artists in your place of business…you count! If you play in your community band or perform traditional dances at a community festival…you count!

  • If you offer arts programming for your clients or residents…you count!
  • If you sell your weaving or pottery at craft fairs…you count!
  • If you are a club or theater that books and presents musicians or bands…you count!
  • If you are a visual or performing arts organization…you count!
  • If creative expression is important to you, we need you to be counted!

And we need you to do it today; the MN Arts Count https://www.mnartscount.com/ will end on May 31.

Thousands have already taken the very brief MN Arts Count  survey.  We are grateful for their participation, but we also know that there are many, many more individuals and organizations that don’t know about the MN Arts Count
and haven’t had a chance to be counted.

Please help us show how much the arts count in Minnesota by taking a minute today.

Take the survey at www.MNartscount.com or by calling (800) 748-3222 ext. 225

  • Forward this message, put an insert in your program, and share an invitation to participate on your
  • Facebook   page, Twitter, in an e-mail message, or a conversation
  • Be sure your organization and each individual associated with it has been counted.

The MN Arts Count  https://www.mnartscount.com/ will end May 31, so please don’t delay.

Thank you for making Minnesota a creative place to live and work, and thanks for participating in MN Arts Count  https://www.mnartscount.com/

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