Tuesday Tips–Chair Caning Helper

Ever have one of those chair caning jobs where you’re working on a hole-to-hole cane rocker that simply won’t stay put when you’re trying to weave the seat? The rocker moves back and forth, back and forth, and is uncooperative, making the weaving task very difficult?

cane lincoln rocker

Well, here’s today’s Tuesday Tip for Chair Caning–Take a couple hippo clips or spring clamp and clip one to the end of each rocker to stabilize the rocking chair. Presto! Your job just got a lot easier and at no cost to you!

stable cane rocker

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  1. blank

    I use a wooden yardstick to stableize a rocking chair while working on it, although this sounds like a good idea too. The thicker the yardstick the better. I am also looking for a good source for plastic cane, that looks like real cane. Any help would be appreciated.,

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