Tuesday Weaving Tips–Basketmaker-Caner Needs Your Help

TUESDAY WEAVING TIPS– Are preempted today by some breaking and shocking news about a fellow basket weaver and chair caner’s plight! He desperately needs YOUR help ASAP, so please basket weavers, chair caners and bloggers unite with support!

You won’t believe how Mitchell’s life and livelihood are being threatened by a landlord’s eviction notice and a group that are supposed to HELP folks with their living arrangements, backing out.

If after reading his plea for help on his blog post, please consider offering financial help, legal and social service advocacy help if you are able. And of course, if you are a landlord or homeowner with a room to spare, give him a shout!

Heritage Basket and Chair Caning Studio

I think if enough people know about this, surely there’s someone that will step up to the plate with some financial or housing help and solutions, don’t you? We basket makers and chair caners are a tight-knit group always ready to support and help others.

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