Take the Wicker Woman's Weavings Poll–Subscribers Click Here!

Have you taken the poll yet on my Yahoo! Groups Wicker Woman’s Weavings Ezine? No? Well then, subscribers of my ezine can click on the link above, sign in and then click on the left-hand navigation bars on the one marked “Polls.”

Only 48 of the 801 subscribers have taken the poll so far, so if you’re not one of them, cast your vote now! It’s a two-part question about whether you access the website to read the ezine or only read it through your email, and if you belong to any other Yahoo! Groups besides Wicker Woman’s Weavings?

If you’re not already a subscriber and want to take advantage of all the free monthly information on seatweaving, wicker furniture and basketry that I’ve been writing about since 1999, then subscribe here!

Wicker Woman’s Weavings Ezine

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