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Wicker Woman’s Weavings Ezine, powered by Yahoo! Groups, August issue was just sent
out to 828 subscribers! Yes, I know it’s late, but I had computer video card problems that prevented me from sending it out on time.

In this issue Weaver’s Stain was again used for the Featured Business of the Month, Pamela Zimmerman was the guest author for the FYI Basketry Tip with her article on “Speeding Up the Process of Coiling a Basket”, the FYI Wicker Tip shared a “Paper Fibre Rush Glue Tip”, and the FYI Seatweaving Tip was “Two Ways of Determining Proper Strand Cane Gauge”.

Lots more sites to visit, events to take part in, and updates on publications to read, etc. in the Announcements section, Upcoming Dates & Events and of course, my Editor’s Notes. The August Poll was: “How Many Times, Between Ezine Publications, Do You Visit My Blog?

If you are not already a subscriber and don’t want to miss the last remaining regularly published online basketry, wicker and seatweaving ezine, please SIGN UP today! September issue should be out during the first week of the month.

Wicker Woman’s Weavings Ezine

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