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*Author Update: the hosting platform for the Seatweavers Forum (Chair Caning Forum) was discontinued in October 2019 and the site was deleted by the owners.

We’ve been exchanging ideas on the Seatweaving and Wicker Repair Forum for about two years now, helping both the seasoned chair caner and the novice.

Every month since I began leasing the Seatweaving Forum I set up on in March 2004, I’ve been getting a monthly breakdown of the traffic statistics. So here’s the interesting trivia information for the month of February.

In February we had Unique IPs averaging from a low of 53 computer users daily accessing this Forum on 18th, to a high of 173 on the 16th. With average daily users of 89.

Pageviews went from a low of 263 on the 18th to a high of 1,023 on the 10th. Average daily Pageview is 605. Total to date is 16,949!

Interesting tidbit of niche information, wouldn’t you agree? Click on the Title hotlink above to visit the Forum, or click on this link to subscribe to the email daily notice mailing list.

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