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**Update to this post–as of October of 2019 the Chair Caning Forum platform, YourWebApps, was taken down and all the forums on the platform were closed.

I am so happy to have offered this forum for the 15 years that it was in existence and am sorry it had to be disbanded. It served the community of chair seat weavers very, very well for all those years and we all made terrific and lasting friendships.

Thank all of you that were members of our community for your many years of helpful questions and answers and participation.

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Join the Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum–The Caner’s Community Hub™ for a sense of belonging, friendship and sharing of information regarding all aspects of chair seat weaving and wicker repair.

Peters Wicker Repair JCC Folk School 2001

A day or so ago on the forum, chair caner Wesley Luckey from PA, mentioned that he first met me while taking my wicker furniture repair class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC way back in 2001, and wondered if I remembered that?

Wes Luckey 2001 JCC Folk School Wicker Class
Wes Luckey at the JCC Folk School Wicker Repair Class 2001

Actually, I had forgotten that the class had been that many years ago! Seems like it was only yesterday, but when I looked back on these pictures from the PictureTrail photo album, I was reminded that it was longer ago than just a few days! See all that dark brown hair on everyone?

2001 John Campbell Folk School Wicker Repair Class
First wicker repair class held at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC in 2001.

We all had a great time and almost everyone finished their rather difficult and ambitious repairs to their wicker furniture pieces during that week-long class. I think there were only two people that had ever woven before too, so that made their accomplishments in finishing the class even more impressive!

You might enjoy reading the very first post here on Weavin’ Wicker Woman blog about the Seatweaving and Chair Caning Forum, written way back in July of 2004. Besides being the very first post about the chair caning forum, this post was almost debut post for this blog!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these two chair caning and wicker repair “blasts from the past” and will share with your friends.

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