Need Chair Caning Repair?


Do you need chair caning repair for some of your family heirlooms, every day chairs, flea market finds or for DIY repurposing?

bad pattern hole cane seatremovable spline cane seat

Well then, our National Furniture Repair Directory™ here on just might be able to help you out! Check to see if a chair caning repair expert is listed in your State.

For those of you in North Carolina that need chair caning repair, Heritage House Flowers & Chair Caning business in Norlina, NC has recently joined the Repair Directory.

Florida residents in and around Palm Beach County and Martin County can now take their chairs to another newly listed caning expert, Dell White Chair Caning in Highland Beach.

chair caning experts

Please remember to check the rest of the rest of the National Furniture Repair Directory™ to find restoration experts for your Wicker furniture, Upholstery pieces and for Refinishing needs, too!

Hope this helps and that you will mention the National Furniture Repair Directory™ the next time your family or friends need chair caning repair experts!

chair caning expert in waiting

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4 thoughts on “Need Chair Caning Repair?”

    1. Great Ruth! All you need to do to get a price on replacing those cane chair backs is to click on the Furniture Repair Pros tab at the top of every page or click on the link in the blog post you were reading. And then contact the expert that’s in your state and nearest to you and ask them what they charge. Here’s the full link again to the Furniture Repair Directory™ for your convenience. Thanks for visiting the blog part of my website and be sure to also visit the Articles page with loads of hints, tips and suggestions for caring for the cane seats and more!

    1. Hi there Clay,

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your comment Clay, I suspect others might also be wondering about “repair” vs. replacement.

      Whenever I refer to a cane seat needing “repair” it’s almost always to replace the entire seat. Rarely do I or anyone else in the profession make a patch in the caning.

      Some times it’s possible to replace a few strands in a chair where the caning is say, underneath the arm and doesn’t get much use. But for the most part, replacing a few strands is not practical or advisable.

      The “patch” is just that and will most likely fail soon anyway, and then there’s always the color match issue. And it’s usually more difficult to make a patch repair than it is to just replace the entire cane seat. This goes for sheet cane and hole cane alike.

      I always recommend to my customers that they let the entire seat fail, then bring it to me or another chair caning “repair” expert to have the caning replaced in the case of sheet cane and rewoven in the case of hole-to-hole strand caning.

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