Winter is the Best time to have chair caning done!

While the temperatures are dropping and the snow is flying, chair caners and people in the seatweaving industry experience their slowest times of the year for repair work.

So, if you need a precious family heirloom cane seat fixed or the seat in your favorite chair has just broken, be sure to contact the Chair Caning Experts listed on the Furniture Repair Directory on to get them fixed!

I’m beginning a new feature here on my blog–spotlighting businesses from the Furniture Repair Directory every week.

First weekly Chair Caning Expert from the Furniture Repair Directory is Mitchell Webster of Heritage Basketry Studio & Chair Caning in Bridgewater, Virginia.

Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning services Bridgewater, Charlottesville and all the Nelson County areas of Virginia and would be happy to restore your chair to its former glory.

Winter really is Mitchell’s slow time of year, when his schedule is not taken up demonstrating chair caning and selling his traditional style, handwoven baskets at craft shows.

So contact Mitchell today to be put on the waiting list for chair caning repairs. Mitchell’s baskets are perfect for the upcoming Christmas gift giving season, too.

Also visit Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning Blog to see what other services and baskets Mitchell offers.

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