Northland Winter Snow Storm

Wicker Woman Xmas Wreath


We up here in the Northwoods of Minnesota are in the middle of our first big winter snow storm. Temperatures are still pretty mild but expected to get way below zero this afternoon and this evening.

snow on the tall spruce trees

We have at least 12″ of snow on the ground, if not more and many, many schools and businesses are closed around the area. But luckily the snow isn’t quite as deep as it was last year when I took this picture of our driveway on APRIL  15, 2012!


I am so thankful that I made the purchase of the new-to-me 2011 Ford Escape with its 4-wheel drive, otherwise on last Tuesday, I would not have been able to get out the driveway to get groceries.

Contracted with our St. Louis County Highway Department to plow the driveway, but we’re low man on the totem pole to get dug out. First comes the county roads, then the townships and last are the private driveways. So we wait…


Wicker Woman's Ford Escape 2011
All Wheel Drive Ford Escape 2011


My poor little 2001 Ford Focus SE with only front-wheel drive, got stuck in the driveway several times over the last couple years.


WickerWoman Ford Focus 2001
Wickermobile–Ford Focus SE 2001


Great day to stay close to the wood stove and finish up on the seatweaving repair chair projects I need to finish by the end of this year and also get my bookwork ready for tax season.

What would this winter holiday season be like without the snow?  How odd it would seem, for me at least.


Pickup truck in April 15 snowstorm
April 15th snowstorm!


I’ve been in California in the winter and just doesn’t seem right to see Christmas lights and decorations all over the houses and trees, with not even a hint of snow anywhere! Odd, very odd indeed.

I’m enjoying the Northland winter snow storm! What about you? How are you fairing in your winter wonderland? Let me know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Northland Winter Snow Storm”

  1. Snow is so pretty. Eric will be experiencing his first Christmas with no snow! I lived in Texas for a couple years and it never felt like the holidays down there with no snow on the ground. So I know what u mean! Glad u got yourself a new and better vehicle!

    Lynne aka

    1. No snow in Tennessee in the winters? Maybe Eric could go home over the holidays, if for no other reason than to just bask in the snow?

      Something’s just not right when there’s no snow at all in the winter around Christmas time.

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