Murray Hill Weaving Added to Furniture Repair Directory

Murray Hill Weaving in Hill, New Hampshire is the latest addition to the Furniture Repair Directory Seatweaving section on!

Owner Jean Bove restores and repairs all types of chair seats, baskets and wicker. Besides all this she teaches  basketry and seatweaving classes at her studio and sells all the supplies you’ll need to complete your projects.

Jean also hosts visiting basketry teachers and has both Russian birch bark teacher, Vladimir Yarish and antler basketmaker, Jill Choate coming to Murray Hill Weaving in April. Check the Events Calendar for all the dates and details and register soon while space is available.

So, please visit the Furniture Repair Directory listing for Murray Hill Weaving to have your antique wicker and cane pieces restored or take some classes. Be sure to mention to Jean that you saw her first here on my blog.

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2 thoughts on “Murray Hill Weaving Added to Furniture Repair Directory”

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment about having your eight kitchen chair seats recaned. As you saw on this post, Murray Hill Weaving in New Hampshire does chair caning and you could contact her. Or you can go to the National Furniture Repair Directory™ and search in both the Chair Caning category as well as the Wicker category to see if there’s someone else in New Hampshire you could contact to replace your cane chair seats.

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