Saturday Supplier — H. H. Perkins Company

Today’s SATURDAY CANE & BASKET SUPPLIER listed on the Cane & Basket Supplies Directory on is the H. H. Perkins Company.

Located in North Haven, Connecticut, they are one of the oldest basketry and cane suppliers in the United States, having begun in 1917.

Besides being the sole importer of the wonderful European rattan reed, (great for baskets, I’ve used it for years), they sell strand cane, sheet cane, stool and chair frames, instruction books, tools and teach seat weaving and basket weaving classes at their store.

I was just surfing around on the site and discovered some great canvas tool bags and canvas totes, all in wonderful brilliant colors! See what I mean by going to this page of their website

Owners Ray and Caryl DeFrancesco have branched out a bit and are offering new rattan and all-weather wicker furniture and also offer a custom window treatment service.

For all your basket weaving and chair caning supply needs, be sure to check out the H. H. Perkins Company. Proud Founding Member, original 2007 Board Member and Corporate sponsor of The SeatWeavers’ Guild.

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