Chair Caning and Wicker Repair Discussion Board

Even though it’s getting close to Christmas and everyone is busy buying presents, baking and preparing for family gatherings, many Seatweavers and Wicker Repair folks are working away like mad, yet still finding time to post to the Seatweaving & Wicker Repair Discussion Board.

If you are a chair caner or other type of seatweaver and have a problem you need help with, please join us anytime on the Board. Topics range from traditional chair caning, pressed cane, hickory splint, to what supply companies to buy your materials from. Something for everyone! Our members range from the brand new beginner to the seasoned professional, and all are very willing to share their expertise!

Seatweaving and Wicker Repair Discussion Board

Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and may your New Year be properous!

The Wicker Woman/Cathryn Peters/Angora, MN

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