How-to Finish Binder Cane Corners

Have you ever used this alternate way to finish the binder cane corners when weaving a hole-to-hole cane chair, rather than pegging them off?

Overlap binder cord in corners when hand-caning

Overlap binder cane in corners.

I love using this quick, clean method to finish off or treating the corners of a trapezoidal cane seat chair when applying the last step, the binder cord, on a hole-to-hole traditional cane seat. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean!

The normal method of finishing off those corners is to put both ends of the binder cord in the corners. And then put a small dowel or peg in the corner to hold the ends of the strands. But this alternative method of overlapping saves a step (not using the peg) and looks cleaner and neater. Don’t you agree?

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Have you ever tried this method of working with the binder cane in the corners? Or do you always peg them in the traditional chair caning manner?

What method do you do to finish the corners? Would love to hear your comments, so just add them below in the comments section.

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