Tuesday Chair Caning Tips–Binder Cane Corners

How-to Finish Binder Cane Corners

Have you ever used this alternate way to finish the binder cane corners when weaving a hole-to-hole cane chair, rather than pegging them off?

Overlap binder cord in corners when hand-caning
Overlap binder cane in corners.

I love using this quick, clean method to finish off or treating the corners of a trapezoidal cane seat chair when applying the last step, the binder cord, on a hole-to-hole traditional cane seat. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean!

The normal method of finishing off those corners is to put both ends of the binder cord in the corners. And then put a small dowel or peg in the corner to hold the ends of the strands. But this alternative method of overlapping saves a step (not using the peg) and looks cleaner and neater. Don’t you agree?

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Have you ever tried this method of working with the binder cane in the corners? Or do you always peg them in the traditional chair caning manner?

What method do you do to finish the corners? Would love to hear your comments, so just add them below in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Chair Caning Tips–Binder Cane Corners”

  1. blank

    I am attempting to replace the can on the back of a chair.
    I have the woven sheet of caning.
    There were 4 strips of wood tacked on the back to secure the caning
    What are they, hand where can I find new ones?
    They were not in great condition once I remotes.
    Thank you

    1. blank

      Hi there Sallie,

      So sorry to hear you are having problems with what sounds like a cane webbing on the back of your chair. Without seeing a picture of the chair, I’m just guessing here, but it sounds like those four strips of “wood” might be reed spline instead of wood. The spline is usually in a groove and held in place with glue.

      The spline can be purchased from any of the suppliers listed on my Cane and Basket Supplies Directory™. You will probably need to measure the depth of the groove and the width and then either call the supplier or look through their online catalogs to place your order along with the new sheet cane.

      Be sure to visit my “How-to Install Cane Webbing” blog post and then the full How-to Install Cane Webbing instruction page for written directions along with photos of each step BEFORE you order your supplies and begin the installation. Good luck, hope this helps!

  2. blank

    Hi Cathryn,

    I have always used the peg in the corner but I like the way it looks when you overlap the horizontal over the vertical. Do you use glue there as well? I am always looking for ways to make the finished chair that much nicer.

    1. blank

      I almost always used wooden dowels and a spot of glue in the corners too, but decided to try this look and it works just fine. No, there’s no need for glue in the corner holes, but I do make the ends a bit longer so they overlap well (not too long though, don’t want them poking below the seat frame on the bottom).

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