David Collins’ Weaver’s Words Basketry Ezine

Weavers Words was started in 1997 with only 71 subscribers, when David was only 26 and currently has over 1,747 subscribers. Quite an accomplishment for a “niche” ezine, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s what David wrote about Weaver’s Words on the Homepage of the website:

“Weaver’s Words began on May 05, 1997 with 71 subscribers. We are a basketry community that share a plethora of information in an online basket newsletter.”

Here’s a link to the very first issue of Weavers Words in case you’ve never seen it before:


And the last issue, Volume 9 Issue 13 on Sunday, July 17, 2005:
(You must be a Yahoo! Groups member to activate the site to read the messages).


David we miss you already; just know that you will be remembered fondly and often. Thank you for walking this earth and sharing your joy as long as you were able!
Here’s the link to David Collins’ obituary in the Indianapolis newspaper.

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